Young teen boy and his dad chatting.
Parents are their kid’s best sex educator.

October is “Let’s Talk” month.


October is dedicated to parent/child communication about sex and relationships. Let’s Talk Month is coordinated by Advocates for Youth and implemented by many public health and health education professionals.

Parents have a tremendous impact on their child’s views and values about sexuality. There are other influences, of course, but parents are the first and most reliable resource children have.

In honor of Let’s Talk Month, I have collaborated with Girlology and Guyology. They are a creative resource that offers outreach programs across the country. These lively programs educate parents and kids about puberty and other sexual health topics. I have written an article for Girlology: Sex Ed: You Are Their Best Teacher. I offer useful tips about how to talk with your child about sex and relationships. Click here to access the article.

Do you have any tips you would like to share with parents? Please share below.