Meet Kim Cook

Kim Cook (okay, that’s me) is an RN and a Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES).  I have a certification in LGBT Studies and also as a middle and high school health educator. Having raised three daughters into adulthood, I have survived the adolescent years – and you will, too! I use a straightforward approach, with a little humor, to help parents tackle the talk(s). You’ve got this – but I’m here to help!

My Mission: To help you start the conversation.

Helping parents help their kids

Parents have questions about talking to their children about sex and relationships:

  • “How do I start the conversation?”
  • “When do I start talking about sex?”
  • “Is one conversation enough?”
  • “Isn’t it best to wait until my child asks me a question?”
  • “Aren’t the schools teaching sex ed?”
  • “Where do I find accurate information I can share with my child?”

Young people also have questions about sex and relationships.

  • “How do I deal with relationship pressure?” 9th grade boy.
  • “How do you know you are ready for sex?” 10th grade female.
  • “Is it weird to be scared of having sex?” 11th grade boy.
  • “What is consent?” 12th grade female.
  • “Why is sex bad?” 12th grade boy.

Talking to kids about sexuality in a sex-positive, nonjudgmental manner will keep lines of communication open and build trust between parent and child. Teen World Confidential gives parents the support, tools, and information needed to facilitate these conversations.

Don’t worry moms and dads – you’ve got this! Teen World Confidential is here to help.

Start the Conversation.

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