College-age girl sitting outside in the autumn leaves.
School in the Time of COVID.

First of all, take a breath and try to relax while reading this blog. I’m dropping in to write this more for my peace of mind… hopefully, it will bring some peace to you readers who are fellow students. Let’s talk about school and virtual learning. Is anyone else as exhausted as I am? I’ve been exhausted for the last 10 years of my life, and you want to know why? I’m a try hard when it comes to school. I’ve gone full send ever since I was in 7th grade, and now here I am, the start of my senior year in college. I am burnt out and exhausted.


I’ve heard students express that their workload has grown by a lot since the switch to distance learning. I’m right there with you. I’m someone who likes to keep my brain busy… but, not this busy. School used to be my break away from home. (Sorry mom and dad, you’re both super great to be around 24/7.) I had to spend a ridiculous amount of money on this desk, chair, and obviously some cute office supplies. Now, I sit for eight hours a day at this desk in the room so fondly referred to as “the cat room,” which is now my “office.” So, what? Is this supposed to be my break away from home? I smell cat litter for most of the day and listen to my family while they talk as physically loud as possible in the kitchen, all while I’m in Zoom meetings for 4 hours a day. Quite simply – it sucks. I miss my 30-minute drive to campus, I miss the pasta from the dining hall, I miss my job at the gym, and I miss being Meghan.

Navigating Mixed Emotions

Don’t get me wrong, I know that I have been given privilege in this life. The fact that I can attend college, have a place to live rent free, and that I have fortunately not lost anyone to COVID screams privilege. I feel guilty putting it out there how much I’m struggling. But, that’s part of the problem. How are we supposed to ever feel better if we don’t acknowledge how we are feeling? I shouldn’t feel guilty for saying that I’m struggling, and neither should you. This world is scary and beyond difficult to navigate during these times. We have a right to feel anxious, mad, upset, overwhelmed, etc. I’m sorry this is a depressing blog but sometimes life is depressing. Parents/adults may not understand your specific struggles with school right now. However, I can guarantee they’re struggling too. Try to open this door of conversation and ask how they’re doing, then take the chance to actually tell someone how you are feeling.


This was a quick blog and I know that I want to write you all some tips on how to handle virtual learning. I promise to get that out as soon as my brain physically allows me to put it together. But for now, I hope you’re doing okay, and I hope by putting my struggles out there – you know that you are not alone.


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Sending you warm thoughts and virtual hugs. You’ve got this.

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