Bike with flowers in the basket. Kim sitting in front of the bike petting her two dogs.
Kim, Fergus, and Myra enjoy summer together.

Purpose is the reason you journey. Passion is the fire that lights the way.

~Author Unknown.

Four years ago, Teen World Confidential was conceived as a simple resource to educate kids and their parents about sex and relationships. This journey has taken on an exciting life of its own and continues to grow in outreach and creativity.

Some of the unexpected yet exciting successes include:

  • The growth and expansion of my website,
  • Educating special needs adults about hygiene, sex, and relationships,
  • Talking with engaged and concerned parent groups,
  • My recently published book, Teen World Confidential: Five-Minute Topics to Open Conversation about Sex and Relationships, was published in February,
  • A new product launch coming out soon. It is a collaborate effort with a woman on the West Coast—so stay tuned!

My purpose is to help parents guide their kids to grow and develop into healthy adults.  My passion is getting my message out into the world. I can’t imagine doing anything else. I believe young people need, crave, and deserve honest and open guidance about sex and relationships from their parents. After all, only parents can offer the values that are unique to their family.

I am delighted and honored to be that person to whom moms and dads feel comfortable reaching out for information, support, and reassurance. And maybe a few laughs, as well.

Come and explore my new web-home. I would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions—after all, this is your space, too.


A Warm Welcome to All


A special thank you to Tanya Smith of Addelise, Inc. who designed and developed our new virtual home.