Nothing makes me happier than seeing a news item that discusses sexuality health. 


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Breaking News!


Okay, so maybe this makes me happier….



Summertime reading on a meadow in peace.
Summertime reading on a meadow in peace.



Yet last night I heard a storyline teaser as I was (not) preparing dinner:


“Coming up: The vaccine parents should be giving their child to prevent cancer.”


I joyously turned up the volume eager to listen to this crucial health education piece:


NBC NEWS: Study Shows Alarming Rise in HPV-Related Cancer


Hey, wait. Haven’t I written about this before? Yes. Yes I have. In fact, it was just a couple months ago. Maybe it’s time for a refresher. Click on the links below to learn more.


Human Papillomavirus: Understanding the Virus

Let’s Talk: Cervical Health

A Moment with Marcy: A Cervical Cancer Survivor’s Thoughtful Reflection



It's not that bad...
It’s not that bad…


It is time for back-to-school physicals.  We finally have a cancer-prevention vaccine. Won’t you talk to your healthcare provider the HPV Vaccine series for your child?


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Happy Summer!


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