July 6 is International Kissing Day


No need to allow this so-very-important-day pass by without celebration! Give your child a kiss on their rosy cheek, top of their head, or tip of their nose. Below are five additional suggestions to recognize Kissing Day.



1. Share a funny memory of one of your very first awkward kisses. This allows your child to realize ‘awkward’ is normal. More importantly, it serves as a conversation starter for more serious topics about relationships.


twc as legs of couple kissing opt
Reflecting on first romantic experiences will allow parents to empathize with their child’s blossoming relationships.

 2. Compare and contrast different types of relationships: families, friends, acquaintances, romantic partners, and relationships in which an adult holds a position of power, such as a coach or teacher.


beautiful young mother with small daughter walks through city
Spend quality time with your child to build a strong connection.


3. Ask your child which type of kiss or other expressions of affection are appropriate for which type of relationship? A peck on the cheek? A kiss on the hand? A hug? A smile?


Babygirl and babyboy kissing on the beach in straw hats
Teach your children kindness and compassion.

4. Discuss consent. It is important that both partners are willing participants of romantic overtures.


Young couple romantically playing by the sea.
Nothing says romance than “May I kiss you?” whispered to your partner.


5. Keep the conversation light! Not everything has to be serious!


Asian mother and father kissing opposite cheeks of smiling son in front of white background.
Shower your children with unconditional love and kisses.


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Happy Summer!


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