It'S NATIONAL SEX EDUCATION DAY! - Teen World Confidential

National Sex Education Day 2020 was a success! Using @SxEdTogether and #NSED, participants all over the world encouraged parents and other trusted adults to spend time with their kids talking about sex and relationships. It was a little tricky with it being Super Bowl Sunday, but it was fun to hear that so many were engaged.

How did you engage in conversation with your kids?


There was a lot of buzz on social media. I would like to take a moment to thank those who believe in open, honest conversation between adults and kids and showed their support for #NSED2020. (I regret if I left anyone out. Please let me know if so!)

These organizations and individuals deserve a shout-out for their own work, as well. I highly recommend you click on the links provided and follow them. Most have a presence on all social media platforms.

National Supporters:
Real Talk With Dr. Offutt
Healthy Humans Project
Ask Goody
Pathfinder International
Uncomfortable Blog
International Adolescent Health Week
Eyes Open Iowa
Bee Inspired Program
International Association for Adolescent Health
Puberty: The Wonder Years
Jaali Co.
Cameron Glover
Parenting In Real Life
Birds and Bees Podcast
Partners in Sex Education
Dad University

International Supporters:
Amazing Me
Outspoken Sex Ed