Professional looking teen girl looks concerned over a law book.
SCOTUS passed a law that states Crisis Pregnancy Centers may continue to operate under the “freedom of speech” act.

Crisis Pregnancy Centers: Scientifically-Based Medical Care v. Freedom of Speech-Based Medical Care

On June 26th, SCOTUS passed a law that allows Crisis Pregnancy Centers to operate as health clinics for pregnant women. They sure look legit, but here’s what you should know:

  • These centers are not typically manned by licensed medical professionals, despite the donning of lab coats and scrubs.
  • They do not offer all options to individuals who find themselves pregnant and in desperate situations. These options should include abortion as well as adoption and parenting.
  • They only support the pregnant mother throughout the pregnancy and a few weeks beyond – the next 18 years are not their problem.
  • Abortion is mentioned as an option – that the pregnant woman cannot choose. Scare tactics and inaccurate medical facts unfairly sway the patient towards a decision she may not necessarily want.
  • They often give incorrect medical information such as abortion causes breast cancer. (It doesn’t.) These providers are allowed by law to provide inaccurate and incomplete information to those who walk through their doors under the protection of the new free speech law. In fact, our government funds these clinics. Whether you support women’s choice or not, there is no question that medically-accurate information should be provided. Period. Always. No matter the health circumstance.
  • These are faith-based organizations, not medical clinics. (In other words, the line that separates church and state – and now medical care – continues to blur.)
  • The American Medical Association describes these facilities as unethical.

This matters.


Opinions and beliefs are not medical treatment. We do not get to make medical decisions for other people based on our personal beliefs. It is a choice between an individual and their healthcare provider.

First “fake news” and now “fake medical care” under the guise of Crisis Pregnancy Centers. I feel unsettled, to say the least.

Young woman talking with female healthcare provider.
Talk to your healthcare provider about your pregnancy and options.

What can you do?

1. Become medically literate. In other words, do your homework when seeking medical care.

  • Educate your child on how to select healthcare providers. Navigate this road with your high school child – it’s a bit confusing and complex, but these are necessary skills.
  • Check out provider’s websites and find out who they are affiliated with; other crisis pregnancy centers? other medical clinics? local hospitals?
  • Call friends and family for healthcare provider referrals.
  • Be sure your healthcare professional is covered under your insurance plan.
  • Read the fine print and between-the-lines when perusing “medical” websites.

2. Interview potential healthcare providers if time allows. Remember, you are employing them. You are in charge.
3. Converse with your children about respecting other people’s beliefs and values. You Do You.
4. Recite the Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. It really is that simple.
5. Vote. Someone out there values evidence-based medical care. Get them in office. Fast. Need help finding a candidate? I will help.

John Oliver recently discussed Crisis Pregnancy Center’s deceptive practices. Even though it is a comedy, it’s not funny.

It is impossible to make informed choices on misinformation.

Be sure to talk to your healthcare provider if you become pregnant –

you and your children deserve the best care available.