Lighten up the Talk Podcast about Sexuality and Humor
Lighten Up the Talk Podcast with Birds and Bees Podcast



Sexuality and humor? Is that a thing?


Sexuality and humor – what a combination! I had the opportunity to talk with Braxton Dunton on his podcast Birds and Bees Podcast. We shared stories, ideas, and many, many laughs about the intricacies of talking to kids about sexuality. It was a perfect way to spend a snowy, cold Chicago night.

Some topics covered include:
  • When to start talking and why.
  • Barriers parents face as they step into conversations with their children.
  • Porn and the mechanics of sex.
  • Using props when having the talk.
  • Using humor when talking to kids.
  • Recognizing how parent’s sexual history impacts the conversation.
  • Top tips for talking to kids about sex and relationships.

Grab some friends – maybe a little wine – and enjoy the conversation. This is a prelude to exciting things to come for Teen World Confidential!

Episode #022 Lighten Up “The Talk” with Kim Cook, RN, CHES