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#Be Bold For Change


International Women’s Day.


Today, March 8, is a day we celebrate women all over the globe and the amazing contributions we have made to better the world. By recognizing the economical, social, political, and cultural accomplishments of women, we can make our voices loud and proud to continue the fight for equality. Be bold to make change. #BeBoldForChange




Here are some interesting facts to understand why International Women’s Day is so important.


Yes, women have come a long way – but we have a long way to go.

The world is making great strides towards equality between men and women and those who identify somewhere in between.


However, we need to educate ourselves and keep the conversation rolling about gender inequality. One of the most important things we can do, besides ensure our girls receive an education, is to elect more women into our governmental offices.  Women lost their lives fighting to be sure other women would have the right to vote: use that right to put women in positions to make laws that will empower women equally with men. Think about this next time you might hesitate to vote. Be bold for change, just as our foremothers were.


Action Steps

  • To learn more about progressive pioneers who advanced the health, education, culture, and legal rights of women, read this post about International Women’s Day with your children.
  • Tweet #BeBoldForChange to learn more and engage in conversation about empowering women.
  • Ask yourself: How will you teach your daughter to be bold? How will you teach your son to support their female family members and friends to be bold?
  • Listen as Caroline Paul offers some suggestions about being brave and bold during her recent Ted Talk.
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Teaching young girls to be strong women