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Last month I had the privilege of spending a weekend shopping, exploring, and devouring delicious treats in Chicago with my lovely 15-year-old great niece (a.k.a. Morgan-the-Great). As we perused the many alluring shops available to us downtown Chicago, we carefully evaluated the clothing items based on style, cost, and practicality.

As we shopped, I never once heard her lament about whatever invisible body image issue 30% of girls her age complain about. Rather, she commented, “That outfit doesn’t work with my body type.” No whining, no negativity. She just stated a fact and we moved on. I was so proud of her. Her body allows her to be a dedicated, strong, sought-after soccer player. Supermodel? No, thanks.  Appreciation for her strong and able body? Absolutely. Healthy body image? You bet.

“That outfit doesn’t work with my body type.”

I don’t know about you, but I certainly can use some practice reciting this mantra, especially as swimsuit season approaches!

In this month’s Kids In The House piece, I discuss the topic of emerging body image that occurs during the preschool years. Click the photo below to access the article Body Image and the Preschool Child: Tips for creating a positive home environment and get tips on how to make your home a place where your children can develop healthy body images.

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To learn more about this topic and other current issues parents of preschoolers contemplate join me and three other parent educators on April 30, 2016 from 1-4 pm in Chicago for an informative and engaging parent program: Re/Thinking Parenting.

Topics include mindfulness, unplugging, parenting your way, as well as developing healthy body image. This program is directed towards parents and grandparents of children 5 and under. The afternoon will be packed with techniques, insights, and current research that will have you feeling more confident and connected as a parent.

This event will be held at the fantastic CocoonCare facility located at 409 W. Huron, Chicago, Il. Registration can be found at EventBrite. Space is limited so reserve your space early.


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