Today TWC is celebrating our second year of educating parents about sex. Yes, sex. Teenage sex, no less. How is that for a life passion?

I have written almost eighty informational posts discussing everything from goal-setting to birth control to STI’s to relationships. I have also shared personal circumstances such as the death of a close friend and my terrifying car accident. Together we have enjoyed forward-thinking advances to help our young people stay healthy.

Personally, I have been interviewed on the radio, was a guest blogger for Arts Connect International,  and am now blogging for another wonderful parenting site, I look forward to writing about many more issues revolving around sexuality health and expand my reach.

As I continue to move forward with my project, I want to thank those who have supported my crazy idea to talk about sex from the get-go. Ellie, Amy, Katie, Kristy, Mom, Sally, Jenny, Caitie, Molly…any many others. You know who you are. A special thank you to Pam Worth who has encouraged me beyond measure.

Thank you for following TeenWorldConfidential and encourage you to continue to Know Now about adolescent sexual health.

Now, time for a glass of wine.