Do you have Kids in the House??

Lucky Me! 

I am now blogging for this fantastic site called kidsinthehouse.

Lucky You!

Not only can you read my informative, fun, amazing blogs on TeenWorldConfidential, you can access additional blogs with my advice and information, like this one: It’s not funny! Or is it?…Using Humor to Tackle “the Talk”. is geared for parents with children of all ages. Videos, articles, opinions, facts…whatever information you need or want, you will find it on (KITH). I have taken time to peruse it extensively and can honestly say it is a fantastic website. Grab a cup of coffee and a donut (or wine, I don’t judge), sit back, relax, and enjoy the videos by experts from all parenting arenas.

Naturally, I recommend you begin with my blog! You may post comments on my KITH page as well as this one. I love hearing from my readers.