It is National Public Health Week


What is Public Health?


Public health  is essential in assuring the well-being of the public using research, planning, intervention, and evaluation.


 CDC National Public Health Week Highlights


Day 1: Raising the Grade: Despite excellent medical care, the United States ranks 34th when it comes to life expectancy.

Day 2: Starting from Zip: Health disparities are reflected by one’s zip code.

Day 3: Building Momentum: Major influencers are making a tremendous impact on public health.

Day 4: Building Broader Connections: Partnering with others to build strong networks for a healthier nation.

Day 5: Building on 20 Years of Success: Two decades of accomplishments in improving public health.


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So thank educators, nurses, policymakers, social workers, doctors, researchers, and first responders  for their tireless work to ensure safe and healthy communities in which we live.

Visit American Public Health Association (APHA)


National Public Health Week  (NPHW)  for more information.