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Celebrating women and their accomplishments today.

International Women’s Day (#womensday) is a day of celebration of women across the globe, with many countries proclaiming a national holiday to honor all women.

Women are making their voices heard as the decades progress. The right to vote, access to birth control, and the opportunity for education are factors which have given women the power to be their authentic selves and to make a difference in our world.

Take a moment today to celebrate the accomplishments of great women all over the world and to reflect upon the battles won to allow us voting rights among other equalities in the United States. I also urge you to consider the battles still ahead for the women of the United States, but also globally. Everyday around the world, women continue to be subjected to unthinkable atrocities merely because they were born female.

Think about these amazing women:

Alice Paul

Margaret Sanger

Susan B. Anthony

Ida B. Wells

Malala Yousafzai

We cannot all be world heroines like the women above, however every woman I have had the privilege of meeting has impacted the world in some manner. Raising productive human beings to breaking the glass ceiling to demonstrating kindness to others, it is all cause for celebration. You make a difference in this world!

People who identify as women – I applaud you!



Who are the women you are most thankful for? Most in awe of? Yes, your mom counts! Tell me who they are and how they have impacted your world or the world we live in. Use the comment box below! I look forward to hearing from you.