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For bloggers, ringing in the New Year with a list seems to the be the hip and cool thing to do. Obviously we parents totally rock in the “hip and cool” area – just ask any 14-year-old.

Therefore I, too, have come up with a list. The following is a synopsis of important sexual health news that occurred over the course of 2014. These tidbits inspired conversation in the media, communities, and within professional organizations. However, as a reflection of the current state of my messy kitchen, these are not organized in any particular order.


Twelve Tidbits That Tickled My Tinsel in 2014


American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) released a statement explaining why IUD’s and Implanon are great options for younger women. They are incredibly effective at preventing pregnancy and once implanted are effective up to 12 years (depending on the device) with nary a thought.


 Campus rape became a huge topic in the fall – just as coeds were returning to college. Enough to give every parent a mini-stroke. Universities are now required to offer full-disclosure about any allegations as well a counseling for victims.


NFL playersdomestic abuse. Not cool.
Conversations – front and center. Cool. #nomore #whyistayed


Facebook recognizes not everyone identifies as simply male or female. There are many variables in between. Just like hair isn’t just black or blond. Eyes are not just blue or brown. Skin isn’t just white or black. People are not just fat or thin. There are endless ‘in-betweens’, and there are many, many variables about what defines a person – physically, sexually, psychologically.


The updated HPV vaccine Gardasil 9 will protect against nine types of the virus, as opposed to the four strains in the original cancer-prevention vaccine for adolescents.


It became Illinois law that if a public school is going to teach sex education, it must be comprehensive, medically-accurate, and taught by someone who knows their stuff. (I bet you thought that was already happening, didn’t you? HA!)


Prominent athletes, CEO’s, and actors, have helped forge the way for others to feel comfortable with their sexual orientation. Of course, my question is and always has been, why should this be a “thing”? Can’t people just be who they are without having to make a big deal about whom they are romantically attracted to? But I digress….


The men of the Supreme Court ruled that the owners of Hobby Lobby are not mandated to provide birth control for their female employees due to their personal religious beliefs. (And we all know that medical bills for pregnancy, birth, and raising a child are so much more cost-effective than the pill, said no one ever.)


Nineteen states have embraced marriage equality for it’s residents. This brings the total to 35 states that agree all people should have the same marital rights.


The Olympic Committee has passed a policy to no longer allow countries who discriminate against people based sexual orientation to host the Olympics.


And there you have it. Ten things that tickled my tinsel. Of course, there were other important health-related stories as well, but these topics seem to inspire conversation and debate.

Conversation is a terrific impetus for creating change by allowing us to appreciate and ponder others’ perspectives. It is important to keep an open mind – you never know what you will learn. Hey – that sounds like the making of a New Year’s resolution….


 Happy New Year!!