I just want to discuss this STI very briefly so you are aware of it.
And by STI I mean it CAN be caused by sexual activity, but not necessarily.

Bacterial Vaginosis (BV)

  • An imbalance of the bacteria of the vagina.
  • Most common vaginal infection in women.
  • Anyone can get it – WHETHER OR NOT THEY ARE SEXUALLY ACTIVE!! I say that in caps because if a female you know is diagnosed with this, it does NOT necessarily mean they were infected by engaging in sexual activity.
  • This is another infection that is silent.
  • However, it can be characterized by fishy odor, burning when urinating, itching around the vagina, and/or discharge.
  • Increases the chance of getting a different STI. (All STI’s do that.)
  • Can be caused by douching, sex, or other unknown causes.
  • Treated with antibiotics. Take the full prescribed dose!
  • If pregnant, be sure to get treated. It can cause premature delivery or low birth weight.
  • Can cause PID if untreated.
  • Men do not need to be treated.
  • Can be spread with female-to-female sexual activity.
  • Can be prevented by avoiding sex, limiting the number of sexual partners, and not douching.
  • As always, talk to a doc (or other healthcare provider) if you have any concerns.

If you want more details, click this link to the CDC.


Please remember – this information is NOT intended to be used to self-diagnose or replace any medical advice your healthcare provider will give you. It is only to inform and educate. Please see your healthcare provider if you have any questions, problems, symptoms, issues, and concerns regarding your sexual health. (See my ‘Disclaimers and Advice’ page.)