On Friday night I enjoyed a glass (or two) of relaxing red wine and scrumptious cheese in our lovely city. The best part of the evening was the candid conversation I had with a close friend of mine, Mary.

Mary told me that a friend of hers had dealt with exactly what this blog is dedicated to – adolescent sexuality health. Her friend’s daughter was in high school at the time, and even though there was no reason to believe her daughter was sexually active at that time, she wanted to be sure her daughter took the appropriate precautions in the event that were to change.

This woman had a close relationship with her daughter, but understanding that kids are not always comfortable talking with their parents about sex, she explained to Mary that she had appointed her as her daughter’s “go to” person if she ever had any questions, problems, or needs regarding her sexual health. No questions asked.

Mary told me she felt deeply honored to be entrusted to another woman’s child for such an important role.

I thought to myself that this is one of the most loving things a parent can do. As parents, we want to know EVERYTHING that is going on with our child. After all, WE were the ones who gave birth or went through the adoption process! A lot of love, pain, tears, MONEY went into getting our kids into this world….and we want to be a part of every step. But to be willing to take a step back and tell your daughter or son that you only want them healthy and safe – and that you are willing to allow another trusted adult to be that person for them if needed – is such a wonderful gift. I’m guessing that that gesture alone probably secured a trust between that parent and child.

So, if you find yourself in a position in which you feel you need a little help from your friends, don’t be afraid to ask. That is an incredibly responsible thing to do for your child.

We all need a little help from our friends – even when running through muddy fields.