Dear Parents,

The information you will find on my blog will be fact-based and medically accurate. When I do post opinions, I clearly state them as such. You can count on this site to be informative, sometimes light-hearted, entertaining, and your go-to resource for asking questions. Sometimes I will ask you questions as well, and I encourage you to be honest and forthright with your replies, even if we seemingly don’t always agree. Sexuality health topics are often a hot button, people have a lot of opinions, and we need to be mutually respectful of each other’s opinions.

About Me: I am the parent of three daughters, age 26 to 20, so I have been where you are now. I am a nurse, a Certified Middle School and High School Health Education Teacher and a Certified Health Education Specialist.

My Book: I am currently writing a book based on National Sexuality Education Standards, incorporating my real-world and professional knowledge of adolescent sexuality health. As I progress, you will hear about it on my blog and I will welcome your feedback.

Tell Me About You. You can protect your anonymity here, but I’d like to encourage a two-way dialogue. I am interested in hearing your questions and opinions. If you are a subject matter expert on any of the topics we will be discussing here, I would also welcome you to consider being interviewed for this blog.

Topics We Will Cover Here: Puberty, Identity, STDs (a.k.a. STIs), Fostering Healthy Relationships, Decision Making, Sexting, Personal Safety, Cyberbullying, Birth Control, Self Image, LGBTQ Issues, and Resources for Additional Information on all of the Aforementioned Topics.

I thank you for finding a home here for information and conversation. I look forward to getting to know you.

Kim T. Cook, RN, BS.Ed., CHES