Computer monitor with "National Sex Education Day" written on it.
February 2 is National Sex Education Day

On Saturday, February 2, we will recognize National Sex Education Day. It is a day in which we encourage all adults, epecially parents, to spend ten minutes talking with their kids about this year’s topic: consent. That’s it – just ten minutes. This small investment of time will open doors to further conversation down the road.

Talking Tips about Consent for National Sex Education Day

When: Set aside ten minutes on February 2 to talk with your child.

Where: Go on a walk, enjoy a coffee shop visit, or simply make tea and gather at the kitchen table.

How: Depending on your child’s age, open the discussion with a question. “Have you ever been in a situation with another person that made you feel uncomfortable?” Explain that consent occurs when both/all individuals are on board with an activity – sexual or not. Offer examples of consentual behavior. For the younger set, this can include sharing toys, cookies, or hugs. For older kids, the discussion should include appropriate displays of affection, such as kissing, hugging, and sex.

What: Keep the conversation going. The purpose of National Sex Education Day is to begin a dialogue that will continue throughout your child’s life.

What else?

  • As always, model consensual behavior with your children, friends, and family. Your children learn from your example.
  • Go to National Sex Education Day for more materials. New items will be added throughout the weeks – because the conversation should never end.
  • has great videos about consent you can watch with your kids.
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  • Buy a copy of my book, Teen World Confidential: Five-minute Topics to Open Conversation about Sex and Relationships.
  • To help open difficult conversations, give your child a greeting card  that simply states, “Who you are is who I love.”


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